Rental Guide

Renting a home - A guide for tenants

As agreed with the signing of the lease, rent is to be kept 2 weeks in advance at all times. Should you have difficulty in meeting your commitments at any time, or any other problems, please advise me straight away, so we can work together to resolve your situation.

Rent payments can be made by Internet Banking or using Deposit Books for the bank.

In the case of an emergency outside of the above office hours please contact the relevant tradesperson or emergency services on the Important Phone number list in this book.

Some examples of emergencies are fire, flood, burst water pipes, gas leaks. Consider if the problem is a risk to health, security or safety. For storm damage to roofs etc, please contact the SES Ipswich on 3202 1711.

All non-urgent maintenance must be in writing and can be submitted via fax, email or in person at our office.

Along with this guide, you have been provided with some additional documents. Please retain these and keep for future reference. Our website contains helpful information and you can also download relevant forms from here.

A simple guide to your General Tenancy Agreement.

  1. Keep the premises clean & tidy and avoid damaging it.
  2. DO NOT fix anything to the walls or alter the property in any way without getting written consent from your property manager.
  3. Notify the agent if the property is damaged in any way whether you were responsible or not.
  4. Keep the lawns mown, the grounds and gardens tidy and free of rubbish, grass clippings and weeds. Gardens and lawns to be watered on the regulated water days & times.
  5. Do not park cars on lawns.
  6. Pets are not allowed without the landlords consent. Contact your property manager for permission.
  7. Visitors must not disturb or annoy any nearby neighbours or cause damage to your property. Visitors staying for longer than a 2 week period must be approved by your property manager.
  8. If going on holidays please ensure your rent payments are taken care of so you don’t come home to an eviction notice.
  9. If a fixed term lease extension is offered and you would prefer a periodic lease. DO NOT ignore the offer. Contact your property manager to get permission to stay on a periodic lease.
  10. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot finish your lease agreement please contact your property manager to make arrangements for a new tenant to be found. DO NOT just leave or stop paying rent as this could cause a debt for you and your name would then be listed on a National Database as a defaulting tenant. We will help as much as we can within our power.
  11. You are responsible for your belongings so it is highly recommended that you arrange to take out the relevant insurances to ensure coverage of your possessions.
  12. If your chosen provider of telephone, internet, pay TV etc, is not currently connected at the property, prior permissionMUST be obtained.

This is your home for the period of your tenancy, please treat it with the respect you would if you owned it.

Please note: This is also the case for smoke alarm service companies (if applicable) who will be required to maintain the smoke alarms in the property. An entry notice from relevant smoke alarm companies will be issued to you directly.

If you prefer to be there for the inspection/maintenance then that is fine, alternatively perhaps you could have a friend or relative attend the inspection on your behalf if you can not make it.

Also if our trades people have had failed attempts at accessing the property for maintenance jobs, we will issue the keys to allow the work to be done and you maybe liable to pay for a call out fee. They will also lock all entry doors including security doors when they leave the property.


Routine inspections will be conducted every 3 to 4 months with the first routine inspection to be conducted within the first 5 weeks of moving into your property.

Things we will be looking at and noting.

  • Cleanliness of property
  • Washed walls
  • Condition of carpets – if carpets are required to be clean please call Sean from SDL Cleaning Service 0419 682 181 and he will be happy to give you quote.
  • Any maintenance required at property
  • Photos will be taken for office and owner records
  • Gutters
  • Outside of property i.e. drains, downpipes, fences
  • Checking any damages from pets (if any).
  • Water leaks
  • Overhanging trees
  • Power lines

It is requirement to have the property maintained at all times to keep the property in good condition.

These routine reports will be recorded until you vacate the property.

A note will be left at the property to let you know we have attended.