Property Management Collingwood Park

Property Management Services

Action Realty Collingwood Park have long been market leaders in property management in our area. During this time we have specialised in property management offering a large range of services to our many respected landlords. There are many reasons why Action Realty Collingwood Park should manage your investment property. We can advise on current rentals for your property type and area and set a rental rate to give you the greatest return on your investment. We take the hassles out of managing your property. Call us to find out how we can assist in managing your real estate assets.

Our Services offered include:

  • The thorough screening of potential tenant applications incl TICA Real Estate (only) data base check – as suitable tenant approvals is paramount to a successful tenancy
  • Comprehensive Entry and Exit Condition Reports, written and photographic documentation compiled implemented for our records
  • Rental Collection / disbursements /statements/ reports/ forms
  • Accounting with all reports, records and statements on a monthly or bi- monthly
  • Payment of landlord insurance and processing of any claims required
  • Payments of Rates, Smoke Alarm Invoice, Insurance/s and or other accounts as directed by you in your Property Occupants Form 6.
  • Issuing Invoices to tenants re applicable water charges and collection of same
  • Organising and finalising Maintenance and Repairs as directed – obtaining quotes ( please note: some tradesman charge to quote on rental properties)
  • Quarterly Routine Inspections with written reports and photographs sent to you following these inspections, also identifying any possible maintenance issues and to ensure the tenant is maintaining the property well.
  • Daily monitoring of rental payments and any arrears immediately actioned by sms notification and personal phone calls and when due, the relevant Remedy Breaches as specified by the Residential Tenancies Authority
  • All legal documentation in the preparation of agreements, leasing, inspections, entry notices, and any relevant paperwork required for the tenancy period.
  • Regular Rent Reviews based on current market value
  • Issuing of yearly Income and Expenditure Report ( at no extra cost )


Choosing the best Managing Agent for your Investment Property is one of the most important decisions you will make. Property Management is a field that requires specialists’ skills, education, dedication and experience.

Be wary of agents offering low cost fees to attract business. It can be extremely costly to yourself and your Investment in the long run ! Often times hidden fees or ‘add on’ costs accrue, and large portfolios with overworked Property Managers can affect quality service.


The presentation of your Investment property is a top priority. Maintaining your property to as high a standard as possible, makes your property competitive in the letting stakes by attracting the best possible rental return and also attracting a quality tenant. This standard of respect encourages the tenants in turn to value the property and enjoy their ‘quiet enjoyment’ entitlement during the tenancy.

Note: Have your Property professionally cleaned; this is the standard that will be the benchmark for occupancy.

Paintwork, floorcoverings and fittings will wear more quickly in your rental property and you must allow for fair wear & tear and upkeep.

It is imperative to stay on top of any maintenance required and repairs, as this maintains your property and prevents further costs escalating. It also will promote a good working relationship with your Tenants.